Outreach and External Help

If you missed my introduction, you can find it by clicking HERE.

The internet is a huge place, and it’s full of some really helpful tools to help you live better, but it’s also full of trolls.  These trolls exist to provide you with misleading or false information simply to bring joy to their own miserable lives.  We don’t want you to be a victim of a troll, so we will show you a few places that CAN be trusted in regard to health and nutrition.

The first on the list is easily the most academic in regard to nutrition, and the government.  Aptly named, Nutrition.gov is ran by the US Department of Agriculture and details all the things you need to know about food groups, daily mineral intake and the kinds of foods deemed healthy.  If you find yourself in a quandary about whether what you’re eating is the cause of your weight struggle, a quick trip here will clear that up rather quickly.

There’s also posts made daily by leaders in men’s and women’s nutrition online like here at Ask Men, and here at Women’s Health.  The Ask Men articles help with issues that mostly only men face with weight loss or muscle gain, and can provide a ton of helpful side tips by clicking on the many options on their sidebar.  Women’s Health is a great leader in ladies nutrition and health issues, but also see Woman’s Day here which complements the offerings to women quite nicely with diversity.

Though you can get plenty of hours worth of surfing in simply by checking out those long time leaders, it does little to keep it feeling fun and exciting.  Learning about how to eat right and exercise optimally however, does NOT have to be boring.  There are a ton of topics out there that cover the lighter side of workouts, and for every walk of life.  One of my favorite blogs is Nerd Fitness, Steve is a genius who combines everything and anything geektastic and amazing with nutrition and exercise advice even to the people who don’t think they’re genetically disposed to do anything but play games.  He approaches fitness with humor and a sharp wit that is found rarely elsewhere.

Another such place covers workout music.  It is an all day project in itself just to put together the kinds of things that will keep you wanting to move and stay motivated, and it might be helpful to hear that the best workout tunes are any that are 100 beats per minute.  Such songs can be found in this Top 10 workout list, or by visiting sites specific to your exercise like jogging, cycling, or generic workouts.

If you struggle with your motivation, no fear!  The Mayo Clinic as well as Fitness Magazine, both well known just by their very names, have you completely covered.  There’s a TON of support out there, and very few reasons to sit still these days.  It’s actually really easy once you dredge up the desire to start setting goals, and I’m here to help you fill in any of the other blanks.  YOU can do this.  WE will help.



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